i'm mariecapucine



graphic designer

I’m a French Graphic Designer based in Paris, France.

I'm in Bachelor Design at ECV -

School of Visual Communication.

I create visual communication, publishing, branding &

I have a love for architecture

and environnement.




«Se ressouvenir» - Personnal Project
















































Twelve Nails Salon Inc, Brooklyn, New York City






























Japan Investigation -  Canal +























Signage - Palais of Tokyo




































This project was realised with Adrien Menard and Victoire Coyon.

It represents an analysis of a nails shop’s visual identities in Broadway on the Av. Brooklyn.

This research results of the creation of a visual identity for a fictive nails shop in NYC.

Illustrated on a screen printing poster.

This project is called

«Se ressouvenir».

I created this editorial object in collaboration with

Justine Roussel for our personal design project.

We used the Haiku, little japanese poem to describe various straightforward and touching emotions.

The feeling of being stand up through the weight and the power of this slight verse.

Still life Photography Project.

Inspired by the documentary ‘Japan Investigation’ on Canal +, the aim was to illustrate a series of photos of this documentary. It is a page book for an exercise in my class of editorial project.

The ambition of this project was to choose a real museum in Paris and to change  completely the visual identity without changing the existing visual identity or the codes image.

The concept was to create a new typography, signage to facilitate the way of directions for the visitors in the museum.

I chose to create both new typography and visual identity of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris for the exhibition ‘Tino Shegal’.